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Dangers of Blind Spots

Most drivers know to check their rear-view mirrors and both of their side-view mirrors before changing lanes. However, despite these precautions, accidents can still occur when drivers fails to check their blind spots. A blind spot is an area next to the car, usually to the rear and side, in which another vehicle is not visible to a driver in their immediate line of sight or in their mirrors. When driving in traffic, always stay aware of your surroundings and of vehicles in your vicinity, and before changing lanes, safely turn your head in order to check your blind spot if you are not certain it is clear.

If you are driving in traffic, not only should you stay aware of your own blind spots, you should also be aware of the blind spots of other vehicles and avoid driving in them. If you drive in another vehicle’s blind spot, the driver cannot see you and may attempt to switch lanes, colliding with the side of your vehicle. If you find yourself driving beside another vehicle in its blind spot, either speed up or slow down so that your car is visible to the other driver.

Remember that large trucks and 18 wheelers have extended blind spots. Because they lack a rear view mirror, drivers of large trucks cannot see directly behind them. In addition, because of the length of the vehicle, the rear-side blind spot is extended. If you cannot see a truck’s mirrors, the truck driver cannot see your vehicle and may attempt to switch lanes into your vehicle. Since accidents involving large trucks can be catastrophic, it is important to stay aware of the blind spots of large vehicles.

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