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Drafting Dangers

As consumers try to maximize their budgets, stretching each dollar as far as it can go, some have begun to pick up driving habits that are obviously reckless. Drafting has been an established tactic to increase fuel efficiency in automobile racing for years, but it is growing in popularity among the general public. Hypermilers, or drivers who try any number of strategies to add to their fuel efficiency, will closely follow trucks and other large vehicles to reduce the drag that rushing air can have on their vehicle. As a result, these drivers intentionally tailgate trucks over long distances, which can be an extremely dangerous practice.

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What’s Wrong with Drafting?

At 55 miles-per-hour, a fairly standard speed for many American highways, most safety authorities will recommend that drivers keep a distance of 150 feet from the back of a truck. This way, truckers can maintain a safer visual record of those around them, helping them make safer decisions in case they need to brake or change lanes. Drafting either a truck or a smaller vehicle can lead to the following issues:

  • Causing bouts of road rage
  • Driving others to abruptly shift lanes
  • Rear-ending another driver
  • Causing an under-ride accident

While some will argue that trucks rarely brake so quickly that a driver would not have ample time to react, the reality is that a driver cannot account for every situation. Drafting can easily be avoided, and only adds unnecessary danger on the highway.

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