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Driving in Fog

Fog can immediately make any driving situation dangerous. As with any hazardous driving situation, the safest measure to take is to wait until the fog has cleared before continuing to drive. However, since the safest option is not always the most practical, drivers can help keep everyone safe on the road by following some simple tips for driving in fog:

Slow down.

With decreased visibility, the best safety tip you can follow is to slow down. Especially if you can only see a few feet in front of you, it is important to drive slowly to avoid collisions and obstacles in the road. Keep your eye on your speedometer– motorists unconsciously drive faster than normal in low visibility situations.

Turn on your low lights.

Even if your low beams don’t increase your own visibility much, they help other drivers see you. It is important to use your lights to alert other drivers, either in front, behind, or in the other lane, of your presence. Make sure you do not only use your parking lights, as they do not increase your visibility to other drivers.

Don’t use your brights.

Using your bright lights, or high beams, can blind other drivers and may actually decrease your visibility in a foggy situation. High beams actually increase the amount of light reflected back into your eyes. If you find yourself having trouble seeing far ahead, slow down instead of trying to increase the brightness of your lights.

Avoid reckless drivers.

Not all motorists exercise proper caution driving in fog. Some motorists might drive too quickly or aggressively around other, safer drivers. If you encounter a reckless driver in fog, give the driver ample room to pass when you are able.

Never stop in the road.

If you must stop your vehicle, pull completely off the road. Other drivers will not be able to see you until it is too late to avoid a collision.

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