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Problems with Reflective Tape

One of the most important additions to truck safety in the past 20 years has been the necessity for trucks to employ reflective tape around their sides and rear. This material bounces back light coming from a car’s headlamps, immensely increasing the visibility of a trailer’s profile. By improving the visibility of the truck, the chance of an under-ride accident decreases, especially in terms of side under-ride accidents. However, there are some times when this tape does not work as expected.

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Poor Conditions and Trucker Negligence

Although extremely useful, reflective tape has its limitations. Many problems can arise due to the necessity of incoming light for the tape to work at all. In part, these problems have contributed to the use of lights along the trailer, generally improving visibility without the basic limitations of reflective materials.

The following are some problems that may arise with the use of reflective tape:

  • Tape becoming covered by dirt
  • Tape covered by logos or ads
  • Lack of headlamp use at dawn or dusk
  • Lack of light during heavy fogs

When reflective tape does not receive sufficient light, the truck, under cover of night or in poor weather, can prove difficult to see. In these instances, cars may hit trucks crossing through incoming lanes or those parked off the side of the road.

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