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Rhinelander Pothole Attorneys

Road defects pose a grave threat to the safety of unsuspecting motorists. Few road defects are as widely recognized as potholes. Potholes can severely damage a person’s vehicle and can cause uneven wear on a tire or wheel or even lead the tire to burst. Although small potholes produce only minimal damage to motorists and the vehicles they are driving, others can be monstrous chunks of missing road, capable of fitting an entire tire inside and are likely to have much direr effects.

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Accidents Caused by Pothole Accident

The appearance of a pothole on a road is a natural result of the local climate and the traffic volume on that particular road. As more drivers use a certain highway, that surface is more likely to become worn and broken. Cold weather regions, particularly those that see substantial snow and ice on the roadway, are especially susceptible to potholes as the heating and cooling patterns of weather can make cracks appear more quickly and more intensely. The following issues may be the result of a pothole:

  • Wheel and rim damage
  • Damage to the suspension
  • Tire blowout
  • Scraping the bottom of the vehicle
  • Momentary loss of control

These accidents can be prevented if the responsible municipal agencies carry out the duties with which they are tasked.

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